Yaird, Yet Another Mkinitrd

This is a quick and dirty homepage for Yaird, a tool to make an initial boot image for Linux systems.

There's a paper discussing the design here.

For downloads, mailing lists and news visit the project site. The project site is used for both the core, that should remain portable over multiple distributions, and for the Debian packaging.

The development of the core system is done under the GNU Arch Revision Control System. Use it like so:

# Retrieving an initial version
tla register-archive ekonijn@xs4all.nl--debian http://arch.debian.org/arch/yaird/ekonijn@xs4all.nl--debian/
tla get ekonijn@xs4all.nl--debian/yaird--devo--0.1 yaird
# and retrieving new versions.
cd yaird
tla update

The Debian packaging will be done under subversion.